In 2011, Jack H. M. Wong took the heart-pounding step into the world of entrepreneurship. He’d been in corporate Singapore for 17 years, and his career was at a dead end. At 42, Jack was determined to succeed - but he was surrounded by negative people. “You’re too old”, they said, and, “Where are you going to get enough money”? Some even laugh at him saying, "Let's see how long you can survive on your own before you come crawling back to the corporate world”. But Jack was determined; he needed to learn how to crack the entrepreneur code and build a successful business in consultancy and training. Could passion alone create a successful business? Obviously the answer is...

Three months into entrepreneurship, Jack bumps into some amazing people. They directed him to a new environment that supported him to grow his business. Using the power of positive thoughts and vibrations, together with some tested tools given by his mentors and coaches, Jack manages to increase his annual business revenue into six figures by his third year of entrepreneurship.

If you are an employee who has always wanted to start your own business, Cracking the Entrepreneur Code will clearly illustrate the seven important guidelines you must know before you take the first step.


  • Tap on your power of belief that you can become an entrepreneur.
  • Identify your passion to create a profitable business.
  • Create your business blue print to success.
  • Get help from a coach and mentor because you need one absolutely.


You can finally break the cycle of feeling stuck in the rat race and getting nowhere in your personal and financial relationships. You will begin to realise that you have all the useful and appropriate resources within you to allow you to change your life and become an entrepreneur. Cracking the Entrepreneur Code provides a powerful system, showing you the pathway to become an entrepreneur so that you can finally live your life the way you want, having money rolling in and freedom rolling out.

In Cracking the Entrepreneur Code you will learn what it takes to get out of the rat race and finally become an entrepreneur so that you can live your life the way you want. You will learn how to start your own business with very little capital, and how you can continue taking action to expand your business to the next level.

  • Finance your business without your own money.
  • Build repeatable systems in your business.
  • Find the right people with the right attitude to work for you.
  • Formulate strategic alliance and joint ventures to help you grow your business.
  • Apply the principle of priority to raise productivity.
  • Continue your education because you need to expand and so does your business.


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